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Bubble Tip Anemone Care And Breeding Guide

The bubble tip anemone is among popular sea animals to keep in an aquarium. With a variety of colors to spruce up the tank, Entacmaea Quadricolor, as it is known scientifically, is a really attractive species to add to the tank collection. It is considered quite easy to keep. So long as an aquarist is able to follow the bubble tip anemone care guide procedures carefully, BTA has quite minimal requirements.

Other plus sides to the bubble tip anemone are:

Bubble Tip Anemone



The BTA is friendly to clownfish and is likely to host Ocellaris, Gold Maroon, Maroon and Percula. These fishes often help it to readily acclimatize. They also clear any food remnants left by it.

Selection of the Bubble Tip Anemone

As a matter of fact, selecting a BTA is the first step towards a healthy tank animal. Tips to help in selection include:

Tank Requirements

The tank requires special conditions for the anemone to survive such as:


As earlier explained, anemones need plenty of light to help make their food that helps with energy and growth. Enough light also gives them a good color. For this reason, moderate to high light requirements should be a priority. The tank will therefore need:

Placement in the Tank

When placing it inside the tank, the flow should be turned down. Water flow can then be increased after it has attached itself to a crevice or rock. A space of 3 and 5cm can be left between the anemone and corals. If it chooses to move towards the corals, the water pipe can be directed there so that it moves away. Remember, it is important to minimize handling as much as possible.

It may anchor where it is not required. When water flow is directed towards it, it moves to reattach somewhere else. A healthy anemone tank placement is dependent on more knowledge of the aquarist. Getting it from the bubble tip anemone care guide is of huge importance.


Bubble tip anemones are photosynthetic. Within them are symbiotic micro-organisms. They absorb light which is later used to make food that aids in growth and energy. To flourish and obtain a splendid coloration, they need proteins. Sea food like shrimp, squid and small meaty morsels are quite ideal.

Food is brought into the tank via a feeder stick. Place food morsel at the end of the stick. Touch the anemone with it. It is likely to grab onto it using its sticky tentacles. While feeding, do not poke it as any slight damage to its column may harm it.

Its feeding frequency is important to know. Once to three times weekly can do depending on its activities and size. If there is a clown fish in the tank, frequent feeding can be reduced as the clownfish is likely to feed it.

Important facts to remember


The BTA is both sexual and asexual. They clone by splitting. With plenty of information from the bubble tip anemone care guide, an aquarist is ready to stock a healthy BTA.

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