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20 gallon turtle tank - Marina Style 20 Deluxe Glass Aquarium Kit

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Best practices on how to set up and maintain your aquarium tank.

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Learn how to care for those hard working snails and how to keep the pesky ones out.

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Aquarium Shrimp Care Guides

Learn about different aquarium shrimp species and how to care for them.


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Glass Catfish: All You Ever Wanted to Know

Also known by some as the Ghost Catfish, the kryptopterus vitreolus(the fancy scientific name) is a small freshwater glass fish species from Southeast Asia. Vitreolus comes from the Latin word “vitreus”, meaning glass and the Greek kryptos, meaning hidden (not very cryptic). Coming from

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Ember Tetra: All You Need to Know

Ember tetra is a tiny, freshwater, tropical fish which is native to the Araguaia River in Central Brazil. They were first discovered by Heiko Bleher and named it Hyphessobrycon amandae in honor of his mother, Amanda Bleher.  Ember tetras belong to a very diverse

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Understanding Bladder Snail Behavior and Lifestyle

Bladder snails usually popup in an aquarium, and in a few weeks, they can multiply and make their presence felt, mainly by their remarkable breeding speed and you’ll start to see everywhere speeding around (for a snail!). These creatures have a unique trait that

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Zebra Nerite Snail in aquarium glass

Zebra Nerite Snail – A Complete Care Guide

Interested in having a beautiful, black and gold striped snail with an unquenchable appetite for algae? What a superb choice! But even if you’ve got nothing to do with them, stick in and you’ll surely want to have one in your tank. The zebra

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Rabbit Snails Complete Care Guide

Inhibiting the mountain lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia, Rabbit Snails are a rare type of snail that resembles Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS). They’re beautiful, peaceful, and curious. Definitely, they’re considered a nice addition to your aquarium. They’re also known by the names: Tylomelania, Poso Snails,

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Harlequin Rasbora: Everything You Need to Know

Aquarium fanatics love the harlequin rasbora because it’s very easy to care for. Its metallic color is an eye-catching addition to any home aquarium. This small and attractive fish is native to Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, and Southern Thailand. However, you can see it in

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