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Create a Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Creating a carpeted tank is one of the most common goals, and for good reason—it’s a beautiful style to achieve in an aquarium. The pearling effect and vivid green perfectly accents many styles of Aquascaping […]

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Dead on Arrival: What You Need To Do?

by Adam Edmond

Pet stores that deal in the sale of aquatic animals usually pledge guarantees that they only sell live aquarium animals and ensure that the animal will arrive to you safe and healthy. Some even claim […]

Seiryu Stone: A popular aquarium stone decor

by Adam Edmond

Aquariums need to be decorated in order for them to look elegant, attractive and stylish as well. There are various items that can be used for aquarium decoration including plants, rocks, and other artificial items. […]

Nerite Snails Care and Breeding Guide

by Adam Edmond

Snails may not present a lovely sight for some people owing to their slimy nature. For aquarists however, they are a very important aquarium addition. Nerite snails gobble up algae that thrive in most aquariums. […]

Sparkling Gourami Care and Breeding Guide

by Adam Edmond

The Pygmy Gourami also commonly known as the Sparkling Gourami is a fresh water aquarium fish that is native to the South East Asia region of the world. The fish is not very common in […]

Cherry Barb Care and Breeding Guide

by Adam Edmond

Cherry Barb is one of the most popular barb fish species that is well adapted to live in freshwater. It is a good choice for beginning aquarists because it is so easy to care for […]

Tiger Shrimp Care and Breeding Guide

by Adam Edmond

The Tiger Shrimp is a freshwater animal that has got tiger-like black stripes that adorn its beautiful body. The shrimp is a great choice for beginning shrimp aquarists because it doesn’t need intensive care like […]

Elephant Ear Betta Care and Breeding Guide

by Adam Edmond

The word “elephant” conjures up an image of something gigantic. Well, the elephant ear betta has enormous fins and tail that resemble the ears of the elephant. It is from this fact that it derived […]

Bala Shark Care and Breeding Guide

by Adam Edmond

If your preference is a fish that minds its own business, Bala Shark will be the most ideal choice for you. Also referred to as the Silver Shark, this lovely fish enjoys swimming in clean […]

Peacock Fern Planting and Maintenance Guide

by Adam Edmond

Numerous plants can be grown around the aquarium to spruce it up or provide food and shelter for the fishes. One of the lovely plants to hang in a basket over the tank is the […]

Badis Badis Care and Breeding Guide

by Adam Edmond

With a strange name that appears twice, badis badis is a unique fish which is rather small yet is able to change into a number of colors depending on its mood. Also known as Blue […]