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Fun Facts about Goldfish

Keeping goldfish are an interesting hobby as every goldfish have very unique personality. On top of their unique personality, there are many traits about goldfish that only goldfish owners will understand. One of the many traits include them making squealing and grunting noises during feeding time. To consolidate all these interesting facts about goldfish, I’ve created […]

First Aid Kit for your Betta

Most of us are bound to have a first aid kit box lying around in our home somewhere; to be use when necessary. We have been taught and encourage to keep a first aid kit box in case of emergencies and/or minor injuries. And as the saying goes: “Better be prepared than be sorry.” Thus, […]

Different Types of Goldfish

Here’s an infographic that I’ve created for my Goldfish series. If you have not check my Goldfish Series, below are all the post for the series: Brief Goldfish Care Guide Types of Goldfish Proper Goldfish Feeding Breeding Goldfish Common Goldfish Diseases Hope this goldfish series are useful for all goldfish lovers. And as an added […]

Aquascaping Style – The Complete Guide

When setting up your aquarium, I’m sure you have a rough idea how you want it to be. You would have done some research on the different aquascaping style or have you not? If you haven’t, here’s a pretty solid guide that I’ve written on aquascaping style: 7 Aquascaping Styles for Aquarium If that’s not enough, […]

Aquarium Algae 101

Algae is a problem. Everyone who has (or had) an aquarium must have faced with this issue. It is a big deal and if not handled properly, your tank could end up like this: Bad isn’t it? It is one of the worst algae outbreak I’ve seen. That is why I’ve written a number of algae […]

Complete Guide To Planted Tank Carpet

After publishing one of my earlier post – Create a Carpet in Your Planted Tank, I begin to receive some emails and feedback about it. Some of the feedback received are: I would like to say that all your emails are greatly appreciated and I try to listen as much as possible. Thus, from the feedback, I […]