Aquascaping Tools

The 3 Essential Aquascaping Tools

Nothing can beat that feeling of starting a new aquascape. To get the best results, you’ll need a few tools to make the job easier when you’re planting, moving substrates, filling your tank, and doing maintenance. Steel Planting Tongs This is the tool you’ll probably … Read more

Amazon Sword, a Midground Plant for Freshwater Aquariums

10 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants for Beginners

If you’ve never looked at a planted tank before, you’d probably be surprised at just how vibrant and lively the aquarium seems to be. That’s because the freshwater aquarium plants provide natural filtration for the water, help keep fish healthy, and can even help … Read more

Aquascaping Neon Tetra Tank

The Best Nano Tank Setups

Small tanks are a great way to get into the aquarium hobby. They’re not very expensive, but it provides an easy way to learn about aquascaping, lighting, and other techniques they’re important for the amateur aquarist to learn early. The nano tank setups below … Read more