The Aquarium Guide

Pet Octopus Care and Breeding Guide

Octopus is an intelligent saltwater animal that can as well be kept as pet in a tank a home. There are hobbyists who keep pet octopus in their aquariums at homes or even in their offices. It must be understood however that keeping an octopus in the aquarium is not quite easy and it is […]

Peppermint Shrimp Care Guide

This stunning little shrimp ought to be kept in a saltwater aquarium that does not contain expansive predator anemones. Peppermint Shrimp is commonly known as a sweeper shrimp and keeping it has its advantages. One of which is it will swim around and clean your aquarium. Peppermint Shrimp eats aiptasia and numerous other pests that […]

Jaguar Cichlid Care and Breeding Guide

Hobbyists with an affinity for larger tank fish may find the jaguar Cichlid a lovely tank pet. One fact worth noting though is that it does better for the advanced fish keepers. Newcomers may find it a little cumbersome as it is fairly aggressive and has quite a number of needs. All the same, a […]

Anacharis Care and Propagation Guide

Aquatic plants play a very important part in the environment as they can provide food, serve as water purifiers and also act as shelter to aquatic animals. The Anacharis plant serves various purposes in an aquarium setting. It is a hardy plant that readily adapts to a diverse range of water conditions. This makes it […]

Yellow Tang Care and Breeding Guide

Also scientifically known as the Zabresoma Flavescene, the Yellow Tang is one of the most popular marine aquarium fishes. It is yellow in color just as its name suggests and just this single color it remains a very popular fish amongst aquarists in the hobby and trade. The fish are known to become hardy once […]

Amano Shrimp Care and Breeding Guide

When considering an ideal tank cleaner, Amano shrimp should be a good choice. Well known by a number of names including swamp shrimp, Yamato Numa Ebi, algae eating shrimp, Japonica Amano shrimp among others, this tank animal can literally clear algae from the aquarium. The shrimp is an aggressive food hunter and a powerful swimmer […]

Fin Rot: Everything you need to know

Fin rot is a bacterial infection that can affect a variety of aquarium fish by attacking the fin of the fish. This disease is usually caused by a number of conditions which may include; a dirty tank, overcrowded fish in a tank, and various other environmental factors. Fortunately, the condition can easily be prevented as […]

Musk Turtle Care and Breeding Guide

There are aquarium hobbyists who prefer to keep turtles rather than other common aquarium pets such as fish or amphibians. Indeed turtles can make a nice addition to the aquarium so long as basic care is given to them and food offered as per recommendations. There are usually two types of turtles a hobbyist can […]

Cory Catfish Care and Breeeding Guide

The Cory catfish is a popular tank pet known by a number of names including Corydoras catfish, Cory cat and Cory fish. An inhabitant of freshwater lakes, the fish is a hardy type that can survive a number of environments. It boasts of a peaceful temperament, rarely standing up to defend itself against aggressive fish […]

Baby Snapping Turtle Care and Breeding Guide

Baby snapping turtles are well adapted for hardy life and will easy adapt to diverse types of the captive life. The major problem with snapping turtles is their rather big size when they reach maturity. This makes them cumbersome for custom made aquariums you will find in the market hat are usually small in size. […]