The Aquarium Guide

Baby Snapping Turtle Care and Breeding Guide

Baby snapping turtles are well adapted for hardy life and will easy adapt to diverse types of the captive life. The major problem with snapping turtles is their rather big size when they reach maturity. This makes them cumbersome for custom made aquariums you will find in the market hat are usually small in size. […]

Fresh water Aquarium Fish for your consideration

Before diving into the world of fish keeping, the first thing to do is look for sufficient information. The internet is awash with educative guides for first timers. At the same time, there are numerous fresh water aquarium fish species to choose from. Beginners are often advised on the best types of fish to stock […]

Snowflake Eel Care and Breeding Guide

The sea is home to millions and millions of animal species. Good news is, now some of these sea animals can be reared within the comfort of the home, as pets. With a well stocked tank, the aquarium can be an ideal home for the Snowflake eel. A colorful tank pet that can grow up […]

Killifish Care and Breeding Guide

Brightly colored tank pets like the Killifish can be amazing beauties in an aquarium. If attractive substrate is well arranged, then vibrant plants added to complete the set-up, a tank can be nothing less than awesome. Killifish has won plenty of hearts owing to the well arranged patterns on its lithe body. That is not […]

Mud Turtle Care and Breeding Guide

Some aquarium hobbyists prefer the keeping of pet turtles as a past time hobby, indeed turtles can really make a great addition to well designed turtle tank. One of the most preferred fresh water turtle species that is currently a favorite in the hobby is the Mud Turtle. The turtle just like many other turtles […]

Clown Loach Care and Breeding Guide

The water is home to immensely beautiful creatures. Clown loach is one outstanding example. Wonder of wonders is that it is food to a given population in the planet. Well, if beauty can satiate hunger, so be it. Clown loach belongs to the schooling fish species. They make a lovely scene when in groups of […]

Pictus Catfish Care and Breeding Guide

A hobbyist looking for fish with energetic personality and delightful colors should consider keeping the pictus catfish. It has become very popular amongst most aquarists as it exhibits very interesting characteristics. Of course it requires lots of care too. For that reason, it may not be a very good idea for novices. The fish is […]

Yellow Bellied Slider Care Guide

This is a very attractive turtle that is usually kept as a pet animal and if you decide to take it to your home aquarium will really make a great addition. The Yellow Bellied Slider spends most of its time in the water but needs to occasionally get out of water to breathe and dry […]

Fire Eel Care And Breeding Guide

Also referred to as the Mastacembelus erythroataenia, the Fire eel is one among the largest eels. Although not a true eel, its features resemble a real eel and it is for this reason that it obtained its name. Apart from its snake-like appearance usually associated with eels, it has very little or no resemblance to […]

African Sideneck Turtle Care Guide

This turtle comes from the turtle family known as Pelomedusidae, a group that has got several species. Interestingly, this aquarium favorite turtle has got various names which include names such as African helmeted turtle or African mud turtle. The turtle will not completely burry its head in its shell like some other turtles do. In […]