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Live Betta Fish Plants: The Ultimate Guide

Betta fish are beautiful with their vibrant colors and flowing tail fins. But if you just have the fish in your tank, it’ll probably look a bit bleak and your fish won’t have anything to do other than just float around in an empty pool. Adding some live betta fish plants in your tank will not only […]

Foxface Fish Complete Care Guide: Diet, Breeding, Behavior, and More

The Foxface is a very beautiful marine fish that can really make an elegant addition to your marine aquarium. It is the kind of marine fish that usually does well provided that the conditions in the tank are kept optimal for it. It is scientifically known as siganus vulpinus or simply as the foxface rabbitfish. […]

Assassin Snail Complete Care Guide: Diet, Breeding, Behavior, and More

If you’ve got yourself a home aquarium, chances are pretty high of ending up with a snail infestation. Heck, you may even have one going on right now. Of course, you immediately search for ways to deal with this frustrating issue, which is when you realize fish like puffer or clown loach aren’t going to […]

Mystery Snail Complete Care Guide: Diet, Breeding, Tank Setup, and More

A mystery snail is a wonderful addition to almost any aquarium. This is partly because they do a great job of helping to clean the tank, and also because they are easy to care for and don’t require a lot of difficult or regular maintenance. These snails are very popular, but understanding how to take […]

Archer Fish Guide: Care, Breeding, Compatibility and More…

The archer fish is a quaint fish that is noted for shooting a strong jet of water towards its prey (that are usually insects) in order to capture them and eat them. The jet of water that the fish shoots is so strong that hits the insects hard enough that they fall into the water […]

Java Moss: The Ultimate Guide (How to Make it Grow, Design Ideas & More)

Java moss is a favorite amongst aquarium hobbyists. It has roots in the country of Java, as well as neighboring Southeast Asian countries. As its popularity rose, the plant began to be farmed like any other aquatic plant. This popularity is primarily due to its relative ease of installation, care, and growth. About Java Moss Java […]

Serpae Tetra Care and Breeding Guide

The red flame owns many names including callistus tetra and jewel tetra. The Serpae tetra is a perfect fit for the aquarium for many reasons. For one, it explores widely. Secondly, it loves to be in a group. Seeing them wade slowly through the water can be an exhilarating experience. Thirdly, as it swims in […]

Goby Fish Care and Breeding Guide

The Goby Fish belongs to a very large fish family (Gobiidae) that comprises over two thousand distinct species. There are a variety of gobies that inhabit marine waters as well those that inhabit fresh and brackish waters. Gobies typically have small bodies that are shaped like a torpedo and can easily be distinguished by the […]

Scarlet Badis: The Underrated Nano Fish

Nano fish are quickly becoming one of the most popular categories of fish kept by hobbyists. Aquarists have become fascinated with the idea of moulding a miniature world that fits well in the confines of a cramped room or apartment. Nano tanks are tanks that are typically smaller than 10 gallons, and in most cases, […]

Fancy Goldfish Care and Breeding Guide

Gold fish are a common fish species that have been known in the hobby for quite a long time. Goldfish come in various species and they are a nice type of fish to keep in the aquarium due to their colorful and beautiful colors. It is interesting to note that goldfish average lifespan is more […]