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Aponogeton Ulvaceus Plant Care Guide

Aponogeton Ulvaceus are beautiful bulb plants that come from Madagascar. With light green translucent leaves twirled delicately, they make for interesting additions to large tanks, and could even act as a solitary centerpiece because of its ability to grow more than 40 leaves, up to around 1ft in length each! It also takes quite a […]

Apistogramma Care and Breeding Guide

Apistogramma is a small fish that is a favorite for many aquarium enthusiasts that is classified in the family of cichlids. The fish is native to the South American continent, almost covering the entire South American region than previously thought. Some of the regions in South America that you will find the fish include; the […]

Marsilea Hirsuta Planting Guide

Marsilea Hirsuta is a good aquarium plant that is ideal for the foreground in an aquarium setting. It is a short plant with clover-like looks that grows slowly and if planted in groups will form coverage like a carpet in the aquarium. The plant is easy to care for unlike other foreground aquarium plants that […]

Crinum Calamistratum Planting Guide

It is an ideal background aquarium plant that you can use perfectly in the background of your aquarium. Although Crinum Calamistratum grows submerged in water, it usually grows long and slender leaves that can grow even above the water surface. If the plant is grown under ideal conditions it can grow long leaves that can […]

Longnose Hawkfish Care and Breeding Guide

Longnose Hawkfish, scientifically known as Oxycirrhites typus, is a popular marine water aquarium fish that has its native habitat in the tropical reefs of both the Indian and Pacific Oceans. In the ocean, it is usually found in depths that can be as deep as 10 to 100 meters deep. In the past, the fish […]

Proserpinaca Palustris planting and care guide

The plant Proserpinaca Palustris sometimes also known as Mermaid Weed is a common aquatic plant that is well spread out in the South Eastern United States as well as South America. The plant is known to grow in wetlands although it grows in variety of conditions due to its tolerant nature to varying conditions. The […]

Exotic Fish for your freshwater aquarium setup

The term exotic fish is used to refer to that kind of fish that is not native or belonging to the nature where it lives. It is a kind of fish that has been introduced to an area by human from a different part of the world to a place where it did not exist […]

Seachem Product Guide and Reviews

Aquarium with healthy sea life is extremely appealing. However, one may not be aware of the trouble hobbyists go through to keep the tank water habitable for the fish, turtle or plants therein. All kinds of sea animals and plants need given water specifications to survive. That is when Seachem products become very important. As […]

Neon Tetra Care and Breeding Guide

The neon tetra has won the hearts of many hobbyists for four major reasons. For a start, it possesses vibrant colors that easily spruce up any freshwater aquarium. Secondly, the fish is among those that are easy to care for. Thirdly, it is peaceful, willingly co-existing with other tank mates. Last but not least, it […]

Superworm – Fish Food Guide

For so many years, superworms have been used to feed a number of tank animals including fish and turtles. Superworm is scientifically referred to as Zophobas morio, they have a unique life cycle too. Superworm Facts In their larval stage, they become large darkling beetle. At this stage of development, it is easy to confuse […]