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Jungle Val: Planting and Maintaining Guide

Vallisneria Americana also commonly known simply as Jungle Val, water celery, tape grass or eelgrass is a freshwater plant that is hardy and can survive in diverse environments. The plant is one of the earliest aquatic plants that was introduced in aquarium plant hobby that has remained a favorite ever since it was discovered. You […]

Albino Bristlenose Pleco Care and Breeding Guide

You may call it Albino Bushynose, Ancistrus dolichopterus or Bushynose Pleco. The Albino Bristlenose Pleco is found in the rivers of South America and happens to have the color version of the typical Bush Nose Pleco. Description Albino Bristlenose Pleco is a mostly brown fish marked with light spots. They can blend in the shore and […]

Dropsy Fish Disease – Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

The most engaging problem fish keepers’ face is dealing with fish diseases. If the symptoms are not detected and dealt with at an early stage, depending on the type of bacteria or infection, all of the fish in your aquarium might die in a single swoop. One of those problems is the Dropsy fish disease. […]

Pinnatus Batfish Care and Breeding Guide

The Pinnatus Batfish, is a type of saltwater fish which are named in the scientific community as Platax. It has been referred to by several common names such as: Dusky Batfish and/or Firebird fish. They can grow up to 10 cm in captivity. The base color of the pinnatus batfish is deep black with orange […]

Nano Reef: 10 Steps for a Quality Setup

It’s safe to say that setting up a saltwater aquarium is quite expensive, so there is a miniature variant that gives you the pleasure to observe ocean life in your home and it’s called a nano reef. Nano reef is basically a saltwater aquarium in a smaller scale. The advantage of such setup is the […]

Gold Tetra Care and Breeding Guide

The Gold Tetra is one of the cutest characins. It has a golden hue on its silver-based skin, small in diameter, but moves usually in groups of 5 or more, which is a sight to see in any aquarium or natural habitat. It gets the golden hue from ‘guanin’, a natural process of secretion in […]

Rainbow Shark: Care and Breeding Guide

This fish is not a true shark, but is so named because of the shape of the body and fins, which resembled the sharks. Elongated black-green body, mouth lowered, flat abdomen, fins and red tail, large eyes. The rainbow shark is one of a kind and the colors are very eye catchy. Epalzeorhynchos frenatum or […]

Galaxy Rasbora Care and Breeding Guide

The Galaxy Rasbora is a tropical fish that remains a favorite amongst aquarists since its discovery in 2006. This fish is one of the latest addition to the aquarium trade that that really caused a great hit with fish keepers all around the world. The fish has got an amazing coloration on its body the […]

Pet Fish – Why kids should have them?

Ever since I can remember, people seem to be amazed of my choice to keep pet fish. “Can’t play with them”, “They don’t do anything”, “They are boring” are some of many opinions I have heard when talking about pets.  But they were all opinions from grown-ups. If you ask any kid if they want […]

Black Molly Care and Breeding Guide

It is currently one of the most reared fresh water aquarium fish popular amongst hobbyists. For some it appears bizarre because of its black color and in fact you will not get in the wild because it gets its most of its characteristics in captive breeding. Just as the name suggests it is no wonder […]