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Glass Catfish

Also known by some as the Ghost Catfish, the kryptopterus vitreolus(the fancy scientific name) is a small freshwater glass fish species from Southeast Asia. Vitreolus comes from the Latin word “vitreus”, meaning glass and the Greek kryptos, meaning hidden (not very cryptic). Coming from the siluridae family, the spines of this catfish family do not […]

Ember Tetra: All You Need to Know

Ember tetra is a tiny, freshwater, tropical fish which is native to the Araguaia River in Central Brazil. They were first discovered by Heiko Bleher and named it Hyphessobrycon amandae in honor of his mother, Amanda Bleher.  Ember tetras belong to a very diverse species of fish called the Characiformes, which has a total of […]

Understanding Bladder Snail Behavior and Lifestyle

Bladder snails usually popup in an aquarium, and in a few weeks, they can multiply and make their presence felt, mainly by their remarkable breeding speed and you’ll start to see everywhere speeding around (for a snail!). These creatures have a unique trait that sets them apart from other snails: their shells spiral to the […]

Zebra Nerite Snail – A Complete Care Guide

Interested in having a beautiful, black and gold striped snail with an unquenchable appetite for algae? What a superb choice! But even if you’ve got nothing to do with them, stick in and you’ll surely want to have one in your tank. The zebra nerite snail is a peaceful creature, and because of its extreme […]

Rabbit Snails Complete Care Guide

Inhibiting the mountain lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia, Rabbit Snails are a rare type of snail that resembles Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS). They’re beautiful, peaceful, and curious. Definitely, they’re considered a nice addition to your aquarium. They’re also known by the names: Tylomelania, Poso Snails, and Elephant Snails. Let’s dive deeper into the world of these […]

Harlequin Rasbora: Everything You Need to Know

Aquarium fanatics love the harlequin rasbora because it’s very easy to care for. Its metallic color is an eye-catching addition to any home aquarium. This small and attractive fish is native to Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, and Southern Thailand. However, you can see it in small freshwater aquariums all over the world thanks to its vivid […]

Dwarf Gourami: Learn About this Beautiful Fish

If there was ever a beauty pageant for aquarium fish, the Dwarf Gourami would definitely be one of the top contestants if not the winner of the entire contest. The Dwarf Gourami is considered to be the most beautiful and most colorful of the Gourami family, making it a perfect choice for tank owners who […]

How to Cycle a Fish Tank

Whether you’ve just gotten yourself a vibrant betta fish or some other fish, you need to cycle the fish tank to keep the water safe and healthy. What Does Cycling a Fish Tank Mean? This might be the first time you’re hearing about the concept of cycling a fish tank. It simply refers to filtering the water […]

The Complete Guide to Selecting Best Betta Fish Heater

Whether you’ve seen them in somebody’s living room or in the fish tank in your dentist’s waiting room, betta fish are well known for their bright, vibrant colors and their tales which resemble flared ball gowns. While betta fish can survive in most environments, there are certain measures you can take to prolong their life. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Betta Fish Tank Setup

Pet fish require a lot of work and maintenance. If you have a pet fish, you ought to have a proper fish tank that can serve as a comfortable home for your fish. Many homeowners want to have colorful fish that add even more value to the room in which their tank is kept. With […]