Serpae Tetra

Serpae Tetra Care and Breeding Guide

The red flame owns many names including callistus tetra and jewel tetra. The Serpae tetra is a perfect fit for the aquarium for many reasons. For one, it explores widely. Secondly, it loves to be in a group. Seeing them wade slowly through the … Read more

Goby Fish

Goby Fish Care and Breeding Guide

The Goby Fish belongs to a very large fish family (Gobiidae) that comprises over two thousand distinct species. There are a variety of gobies that inhabit marine waters as well those that inhabit fresh and brackish waters. Gobies typically have small bodies that are … Read more

Scarlet Badis

Scarlet Badis: The Underrated Nano Fish

Nano fish are quickly becoming one of the most popular categories of fish kept by hobbyists. Aquarists have become fascinated with the idea of moulding a miniature world that fits well in the confines of a cramped room or apartment. Nano tanks are tanks … Read more

Fancy Goldfish

Fancy Goldfish Care and Breeding Guide

Gold fish are a common fish species that have been known in the hobby for quite a long time. Goldfish come in various species and they are a nice type of fish to keep in the aquarium due to their colorful and beautiful colors. … Read more

butterfly fish

Butterfly Fish Care and Breeding Guide

A hobbyist with a preference for colored fish may find the Butterfly a suitable tank pet. Considered an exotic beauty, Butterfly fish belongs to the family of Chaetodontidae and comes in varieties. In fact, there are more than 114 butterfly fish species around the … Read more


Bichir Care and Breeding Guide

Bichir fish is a family of fresh water fishes with ray fins that are native to the continent of Africa where they are well spread out in different parts. There are up to 14 genuses of the fish that are known currently all of … Read more

Bubble Tip Anemone

Bubble Tip Anemone Care And Breeding Guide

The bubble tip anemone is among popular sea animals to keep in an aquarium. With a variety of colors to spruce up the tank, Entacmaea Quadricolor, as it is known scientifically, is a really attractive species to add to the tank collection. It is … Read more

zebra danio swimming in tank

Zebra Danio Care and Breeding Guide

For the fresh water aquarists the Zebra Danio has been a long time favorite for them may for the fact that it can easily be reared in groups in the same tank. It gets the Zebra name owing to its characteristic bright blue or … Read more

Pearl Gourami Care and Breeding Guide

The Pearl Gourami is a favorite aquarium fish amongst some aquarists due to its amazing appearance. It is also known as lace Gourami or mosaic Gourami. It is one of the easiest of the Gourami species to care for. The populations of the Gouramis … Read more

Clown Pleco

Clown Pleco Care and Breeding Guide

The Clown Pleco is an incredibly small fish that is kept in aquariums because of the beautiful appearance it has. The fish remains small in size even in maturity and like to stay in the bottom most part of a given aquarium. The fish … Read more