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Seachem Prime Review

Ever since my first goldfish died, I’ve been trying to find the perfect combination of products to use for my tanks. When I left for college, I couldn’t take my tanks with me and my brother was not at all interested in learning anything about them, so I needed a product that was easy-to-use and efficient in the long term. Finding the conditioner Seachem Prime was the best discovery I made, being both an accessible price with all the advantages of other water-cleaning products, plus some really inventive and important new ones.  It contains an ‘ammonia binder,’ a special substance that ‘hugs’ and neutralizes ammonia saving your fish from negative, toxic effects.

Seachem Prime

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How does it work?

You must have wondered how all the products available on the market remove the CO2 from the water like magic with no side effects. Lucky for you, that’s an easy question;chloride is a diatomic gas that can be neutralized by separating its atoms,a process known as reduction. What most people don’t know is the same process will support the formation of ammonia, which is a toxic chemical substance that can cause a multitude of damage to all forms of life in your tank. Therefore, ammonia should be neutralized, too, and since many chemical reactions already occur in water, a product that can remove both chloride and ammonia would be ideal, since other products may cause chemical interactions and side effects. Seachem Prime is the best conditioner on the market.

How much do I use?

Unlike so many other products, with Seachem, you only have to add a small dose once after you change the water and your aquarium will be safe. Also, working instantly makes it so much easier since there are many details you have to be careful with when changing the water or preparing a new aquarium for your house. This one step instantly saves you time, without intermediate phases and no timing between different steps and products. Seachem is so quick and efficient it changes the amount of time to be invested in obtaining an equilibrium of chemicals and removing the toxic compounds from the tap water.

Advantages and specifications

Is it a good product?

Seachem Prime is the most effective and complete product on the market; it is a conditioner that works amazingly for both freshwater and salt-water tanks. It will remove both the chloride and its compounds in the water as well as the ammonia from the reduction reactions used for removing the chloride without altering the pH level. It works instantly and is safe for the fish and plants in your tank, too.

The customers using the Seachem Prime are really delighted by the product. Most of them have a lot of experience with aquariums, fish, and water conditioning products, yet they highly recommend Seachem Prime as the best product they found on the market and surely the one they’ve been using ever since discovering it.

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  1. Thank for explaining in terms everyone can understand. I have viewed seachem prime, as well as some of their other products, and the reviews on every site are 5*s however I really didn’t understand how this product worked that made it such a sought for product. Totally understand now, and really appreciate your site and informative articles! Sincerely Mary

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