The Aquarium Guide

Starting an aquarium is hard but maintaining it is even harder. You’ll need a lot of hard work and dedication to make your aquarium flourish. Above all, you need to constantly upgrade yourself and learn tips and tricks about aquariums.

The Aquarium Guide (TAG) hopes to make it easier for you by providing useful aquarium information. However, there are SOOO much information that we definitely not be able to cover everything. Thus, we are creating this aquarium resource page to compile aquarium websites that provides high quality information.

Check out the list of aquarium websites below:

Freshwater Aquarium Websites

Aquascape Awards

TFH Magazine

Aquatic Mag

Red Cherry Shrimp

UK Aquatic Plant Society


Aquarium Care Basics

Aqua Fish


The Aquatic Plant Society


Saltwater Aquarium Websites

Saltwater Smarts

Reef Builders



Aquarium Forums

The Planted Tank

Planted Tank on Reddit


Aquarium Equipment

All Pond Solutions

Premium Aquatics


Aquarium Organization

Green Bay Aquarium Society


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