Low-Tech Planted Tank Guide

Low-Tech Planted Tank Guide

If you are passionate about aquascaping, but you do not have much time to take care of your tank, you might have a problem. As you know, a tank with many fish needs constant care as well as weekly water changes and adjustments for … Read more

Planted Ttank

Essential Fertilizer for a Planted Ttank

Healthy plant growth depends on CO2 amount, lighting, and nutrients in the aquarium. There are two types of nutrients essential for plants: macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and micronutrients (trace elements such as zinc, boron, iron). Nutrient deficiency in plants can be easily observed;slow … Read more

Best Filter Media for Planted Tanks

To have a professional tank, you have to take many things into consideration. From the devices that you use to the food that you give to your fish, everything can influence the final result. Though some choices are easier than others, like deciding what … Read more

Aquarium Driftwood Tank

Aquarium Driftwood for Your Tank

What is driftwood? How can it be useful and why must we use it in an aquarium? These are the basic questions anyone looking at a piece of aquarium driftwood might ask. What is aquarium driftwood? Aquarium driftwood is a piece of wood that … Read more


Is it a Good Idea to Get a Cheap Fish Tank?

Just like any hobby, getting started with a new pet can be expensive.  Most people might think that cats and dogs are the most common pets, and that is probably a fairly accurate statement, but other pets, such as fish, can be just as … Read more

ViaAqua 50-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater

The Importance of a Fish Tank Heater

When setting up an aquarium, there are many aspects to keep in mind. Between the plants, the gravel, the filter, and lighting, there are an abundant amount of decisions to make and lots of choices. However, one important item that sometimes gets overlooked is … Read more

Aquarium Tank Size

How to Choose an Aquarium Tank Size

When it comes to real estate, the old adage “location is everything,” is certainly the most important thing.  When it comes to choosing an aquarium tank, size is much more important. In the past, a common rule of thumb was to correlate the amount … Read more

The Planted Tank

The 3 Pillars of Successful Planted Tanks

If you’re just starting a planted tank, you’re likely trying to figure out specifically what you’re supposed to be doing. You’ve heard about proper lighting, this thing called ‘Watts Per Gallon’ and PAR, injecting CO2 (or not), and apparently ‘dosing’ your plants. This article … Read more

Aquascaping Neon Tetra Tank

The Best Nano Tank Setups

Small tanks are a great way to get into the aquarium hobby. They’re not very expensive, but it provides an easy way to learn about aquascaping, lighting, and other techniques they’re important for the amateur aquarist to learn early. The nano tank setups below … Read more