Fish swimming in a tank with some water plants

How to Cycle a Fish Tank

Whether you’ve just gotten yourself a vibrant betta fish or some other fish, you need to cycle the fish tank to keep the water safe and healthy. What Does Cycling a Fish Tank Mean? This might be the first time you’re hearing about the concept of … Read more

25 Gallon Fish Tank

25 Gallon Fish Tank Setup Guide

Aquatic pets are perhaps some of the most underrated pets, especially when compared to the fluffier, huggable contenders like dogs, cats, or even hamsters. What they lack in cuteness or fur, however, they make up for in vivid colourations, unique personalities, and uniqueness. That … Read more

fowlr tank

Fowlr Tank Setup and Maintenance Guide

The term Fowlr Tank is an abbreviation for fish only with live rock tank. There is usually a misconception out there that a saltwater tanker is simply just that saltwater tank. This however is not true because there are usually three types of saltwater … Read more

small fish tank

Small Fish Tanks

Many people find aquascaping and fish keeping as being a beautiful and enjoyable hobby; however, common negative feedback on the hobby is that purchasing a tank, fish, and corresponding accessories or tools can be quite expensive. Developing your aquarium and equipment takes time and … Read more

Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic Aquarium: Best Tank for You?

Many aquariums are made of acrylic or glass though sometimes the differences between the two are lost on the general public.  One notable difference is that acrylic tanks typically cost more.  This makes some people opt for glass tanks while others, who correlate cost … Read more

Substrate for Planted Tank

Best Substrate for Planted Tank

The advantages of decorating a fish tank with live plants instead of plastics are numerous.A healthy planted aquarium is essential to maintaining a healthy fish population. Most importantly, plants contribute to balancing the oxygen level and algae growth while providing hiding places for fish. … Read more

fish tank rocks

Types of Fish Tank Rocks

There are a lot of different fish tank rocks or stones one can use in a tank. It is important when deciding on which to use that you make an informed decision when adding rocks to your tank. Stones or Rocks? It has become a … Read more

Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Tips to Creating a Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Imagine lush, green grass flowing loosely with every movement of fish swimming passed; smaller fish playing tag in between the different species of seaweed. An instant display of living organisms, all getting along with each other in harmony in a great underwater paradise. Never … Read more

Fish Tank Background

Why You Should Use a Fish Tank Background

A background in your fish tank can make a huge difference in the appearance of your tank and the way it is displayed across a room. It also creates a theme for your tank, which will make the decorating easier as well as helping … Read more

Freshwater Fish Tank

Freshwater Fish Tank vs.Saltwater Fish Tank

What is a Freshwater Fish Tank? A freshwater fish tank is a transparent glass or acrylic tank or box that can hold freshwater aquatic plants or ornaments for research, decoration, or pet-keeping purposes. What is a Saltwater Fish Tank? A saltwater fish tank is … Read more

aquarium cleaning

Tips To Clean Your Tank without Disturbing Your Fishes

Regular aquarium cleaning and water replacement are crucial for fish welfare. Algae and waste accumulation in the tank increases ammonia and reduces oxygen levels,which lead to several diseases, as contaminated water contains waste, toxins, and pathogenic microorganisms. Aquarium should be cleaned once a week … Read more


Benefits of a Large Fish Tank

In the beginning, you had a small bowl with two fish in it. It was good enough for you, but then you wanted more. You saw other larger aquariums, but it seemed very difficult. Taking care of a small tank was manageable, but a … Read more