Amazon Frogbit

Amazon Frogbit Care and Propogation Guide

If there is an aquarium plant that is so easy to care for that you will find commonly used in the aquarium hobby today it is the Amazon Frogbit. The aquarium plant is also known by the scientific name of Limnobium Laeviatum. The plant … Read more

Rotala Macrandra

Rotala Macrandra Planting and Propogating Guide

Rotala Macrandra is an aquarium plant that is very popular in the aquarium trade for its beautiful coloration and it has widely been used in aquarium decoration. He plant is native to India known to thrive in marshy areas. This is one aquarium plant … Read more

Jungle Val

Jungle Val: Planting and Maintaining Guide

Vallisneria Americana also commonly known simply as Jungle Val, water celery, tape grass or eelgrass is a freshwater plant that is hardy and can survive in diverse environments. The plant is one of the earliest aquatic plants that was introduced in aquarium plant hobby … Read more

Hydrocotyle leucocephala

Brazilian Pennywort: How to grow in an aquarium?

Today we are going to discuss one of the most famous aquarium plants which is Brazilian Pennywort, also known as Hydrocotyle leucocephala. These plants are very easy to keep, they grow really fast and are pretty cheap to buy. It is definitely a recommended … Read more

Cyperus Helferi

Cyperus Helferi Planting And Care Guide

Cyperus helferi is one of the few plants of the Cyperaceae family that can live underwater. It was brought to the attention of aquarists around the world by the famous Japanese Takashi Amano, who used it first to create its fascinating aquatic scenery. Cyperus … Read more

Utricularia Graminifolia plants

Utricularia Graminifolia: Planting and Caring Guide

Utricularia graminifolia, a beautiful foreground plant, originated in Asia (Burma, China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam) and was discovered in 1804 by Martin Vahl, but it was introduced in freshwater aquariums only in 2005. In its natural environment, it grows both emersed and submersed … Read more

Vallisneria aquarium plant

Today we are going to tackle the topic of aquarium plants, more precisely Vallisneria, a classic aquarium plant well not among all aquarium keepers and hobbyists. This is a freshwater aquarium plant and it is also known as tape grass and eelgrass. Vallisneria is … Read more

aquarium plants

Starting an Aquatic Plant Nursery

Live plants area great source for an aquarium habitat to keep fish healthy. The main function of plants in an aquarium is to provide a natural ecosystem within the tank, as plants are natural resources for food and oxygen. Besides absorbing the CO2 in … Read more

Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Tips to Creating a Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Imagine lush, green grass flowing loosely with every movement of fish swimming passed; smaller fish playing tag in between the different species of seaweed. An instant display of living organisms, all getting along with each other in harmony in a great underwater paradise. Never … Read more

Planted Tank

Best Planted Tank Forums

When you have a hobby, you want to share your experience with other people. It’s always better to discuss every element of your tank with knowledgeable people instead of just doing everything on your own and to acquire some tips and tricks that will … Read more