bucephalandra aquarium plant


Credits to Jucielen Pereira The Bucephalandra is a relatively new plant in the aquarium world. It’s a low light plant and is very easy to care for. There are quite a few types of bucephalandra such as the bucephalandra red mini among others, each … Read more

Live Betta Fish Plants: The Ultimate Guide

Betta fish are beautiful with their vibrant colors and flowing tail fins. But if you just have the fish in your tank, it’ll probably look a bit bleak and your fish won’t have anything to do other than just float around in an empty pool. … Read more


Anacharis Care and Propagation Guide

Aquatic plants play a very important part in the environment as they can provide food, serve as water purifiers and also act as shelter to aquatic animals. The Anacharis plant serves various purposes in an aquarium setting. It is a hardy plant that readily … Read more

aquatic plants for sale

Invasive Aquatic Plants for Sale: To Buy or Not?

Invasive aquatic plants are non-native plants that outcompete native plants in a body of water, therefore possibly messing with the ecological balance. Typically seen as a nuisance and a threat in bodies of water, they’re usually removed and thrown away and have very little … Read more


Hornwort Care and Maintenance Guide

Aquarium enthusiasts are awed by the hornwort for a number of reasons. First, it boasts of a beautiful green color that looks dazzling in a tank. Secondly, it can grow up to lengths of two feet or more given favorable conditions. Lastly, it is … Read more

Cryptocoryne Wendtii

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Planting Guide

This aquarium plant is native to the island nation of Sri Lanka and it remains a very common and widely used aquarium plant. There are places where the plant was introduced like Florida and has become an invasive plant. Cryptocoryne Wendtii is available in … Read more

Aponogeton Ulvaceus

Aponogeton Ulvaceus Plant Care Guide

Aponogeton Ulvaceus are beautiful bulb plants that come from Madagascar. With light green translucent leaves twirled delicately, they make for interesting additions to large tanks, and could even act as a solitary centerpiece because of its ability to grow more than 40 leaves, up … Read more

marsilea hirsuta

Marsilea Hirsuta Planting Guide

Marsilea Hirsuta is a good aquarium plant that is ideal for the foreground in an aquarium setting. It is a short plant with clover-like looks that grows slowly and if planted in groups will form coverage like a carpet in the aquarium. The plant … Read more

Crinum Calamistratum

Crinum Calamistratum Planting Guide

It is an ideal background aquarium plant that you can use perfectly in the background of your aquarium. Although Crinum Calamistratum grows submerged in water, it usually grows long and slender leaves that can grow even above the water surface. If the plant is … Read more

Proserpinaca Palustris

Proserpinaca Palustris planting and care guide

The plant Proserpinaca Palustris sometimes also known as Mermaid Weed is a common aquatic plant that is well spread out in the South Eastern United States as well as South America. The plant is known to grow in wetlands although it grows in variety … Read more