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Create a Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Creating a carpeted tank is one of the most common goals, and for good reason—it’s a beautiful style to achieve in an aquarium. The pearling effect and vivid green perfectly accents many styles of Aquascaping […]

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Best Aquarium Guide: Choosing the best tank

by Adam Edmond

Creating the perfect aquarium doesn’t have to be difficult. While there are many factors to consider when designing an aquarium, you can easily get the tank you want by researching ahead of time. Starting with […]

Torch Coral Maintenance and Care Guide

by Adam Edmond

The Torch Coral is also known by the names of Pom-Pom coral or Cornet coral is one of the most aggressive LPS corals available. It originates from the Marshal Islands, the Red Sea, Samoa and […]

White Cloud Mountain Minnow Care Guide

by Adam Edmond

The white cloud mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) were first discovered at Baiyun Mountain, a few miles north of the central Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. It was first discovered by a boy named Tan, who gave […]

Cyperus Helferi Planting And Care Guide

by Adam Edmond

Cyperus helferi is one of the few plants of the Cyperaceae family that can live underwater. It was brought to the attention of aquarists around the world by the famous Japanese Takashi Amano, who used […]

Bristle Worm: Are they good or bad?

by Adam Edmond

Ever wondered what an underwater centipede looks like? Well go no further, here we have the Bristle Worm. They are worms that come from the Polychaete family, they are segmented worms and they love to […]

Utricularia Graminifolia: Planting and Caring Guide

by Adam Edmond

Utricularia graminifolia, a beautiful foreground plant, originated in Asia (Burma, China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam) and was discovered in 1804 by Martin Vahl, but it was introduced in freshwater aquariums only in 2005. In […]

Blue Gourami: Caring and Breeding Guide

by Adam Edmond

The Blue Gourami (Trichogaster Trichopterus), also known as the Three Spot Gourami is common exotic fish which originates from the Southeast Asia and the northern island of Australia. Blue Gurami shows a special breathing system. […]

Tiger Barb: Getting to know the tiger

by Adam Edmond

What can be better than buying new fish for the aquarium, right? Today we are going to discuss the fish species called a Tiger Barb. So if you are thinking to buy these species of […]

Amazon Puffer

by Adam Edmond

Today our topic is Amazon Puffer, as you can guess from its name it is native to Amazon River. If you are new in the fish keeping world and want to learn more about these […]

Red Claw Crab: All the Information You Need

by Adam Edmond

Have you ever thought to buy some freshwater crabs for your tank? Well, that’s great because today we are going to talk about a crab species, which is red claw crab. Maybe after reading this […]

Bumblebee Goby: The Ultimate Guide

by Adam Edmond

Bumblebee Gobies, these are the fish that we are going to talk about. Some of you might be thinking of buying a Bumblebee goby, so this is a perfect place to get informed about these […]