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20 gallon turtle tank - Marina Style 20 Deluxe Glass Aquarium Kit

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Learn about different aquarium shrimp species and how to care for them.


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Phractocephalus hemioliopterus fish commonly known as redtail catfish

Redtail Catfish Care Guide

The redtail catfish, otherwise known as phractocephalus hemioliopterus, is a type of catfish we see that is common in aquariums. It is native to South America and is interestingly the only surviving member of its genus – catfish phractocephalus. It makes most of South

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Mexican Fire Mouth (Thorichthys ellioti) - Male

Firemouth Cichlid: The Ultimate Care Guide

With a name like Firemouth, you can expect a fiery fish that dominates the tank. The Firemouth Cichlid, or Thorichthys meeki, their scientific name, can add a bit of spunk and color to your otherwise monochrome tank. This is a species of fish that

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Royal Gramma side view

Royal Gramma Care Guide

Credits to Brian Gratwicke We think it’s quite hard to come across a fish that is more eye-catching and breathtaking than the royal gramma. The world royal is kind of contradicted by the word gramma, which sounds like grandma if spoken quickly, but that

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Black Ghost Knife Fish

Black Ghost Knife Fish Care Guide

The black ghost knife fish more than earned its name with its unique appearance. Also known by their scientific name apteronotus albifrons, the black ghost knife fish is a freshwater fish native to South America. What’s really interesting about these black ghosts, is they

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Silver Arowana Care Guide

The silver arowana, also known as the osteoglossum bicirrhosum, is a metallic hued predatory fish native to South America. Their scientific name, osteoglossum bicirrhosum, quite accurately describes its appearance. Osteoglossum translates to “bone-tongued” and bicirrhosum is “two barbels”. Where are silver arowanas from? This

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bucephalandra aquarium plant


Credits to Jucielen Pereira The Bucephalandra is a relatively new plant in the aquarium world. It’s a low light plant and is very easy to care for. There are quite a few types of bucephalandra such as the bucephalandra red mini among others, each

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