The Aquarium Guide

Brackish Water Fish

Brackish Water Fish are species of marine life that are able to survive in slightly salted water. A brackish tank system is defined by water with a specific ratio of fresh water to saltwater, referred to as “gravity” where the water maintains a fresh water level of 1 and a saltwater level of 1.025. There […]

Sunsun HW 302 Canister Filter Review

When you have a tank, you have to pay attention to many diverse elements and devices; however, one of the more important ones is the filter. It does not matter how large the tank, you always have to make sure the water is clean otherwise, the chemical balance of the water will quickly be destroyed […]

The Aquarium Filter Guide

When you are passionate about aquariums, you are always searching for a new piece of equipment to add to your system. If there is one device that you must always have, no matter what type of fish or plants you have, it is a filter. In order to keep your fish healthy and active, you […]

The Aquarium Heater Guide

To have a great tank, you have to pay attention to much more than just the quality of the water; you need to know the ideal temperature for your fish and that you have the right heater. Fish cannot produce body heat naturally, so they will not be able to survive if the water is […]

The Aquarium Lighting Guide

When you see an aquarium,the first things you may notice are the fish, the decorations, or even the luxurious plants. You never notice the lights, even if the lights are what make the entire aquarium survive and develop. Since lighting is so important, you need to pay great attention when you choose it. It’s an […]