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Top 5 Aquarium Air Pumps

Taking care of your aquarium can be truly fascinating. From the outside, it might seem boring for people who do not understand it. However, you know very well how exciting it is to notice all the changes. Your fish are growing, your plants are more beautiful than ever, and you just bought a new background […]

Africa Cichlids Care Guide

There are over 100 species of African cichlids, which belong to the Cichlidae family. These freshwater fish are inhabitants of African lakes such as Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Victoria. African cichlids are the most colorful freshwater aquarium species and are easy to maintain and cultivate in freshwater aquariums. Their body length ranges between […]

Starting an Aquatic Plant Nursery

Live plants area great source for an aquarium habitat to keep fish healthy. The main function of plants in an aquarium is to provide a natural ecosystem within the tank, as plants are natural resources for food and oxygen. Besides absorbing the CO2 in the water,plants also use remove the ammonia in the water, which […]

Understanding Biotope Aquascaping Style

The biotope aquarium is an exact replica of a specific natural aquatic landscape. From the rivers of the Amazon Rainforest to the tropical reefs of Australia, a biotope aquascape replicates every aspect of the natural version from the fish and flora to the water temperature and chemistry. Depending on the setting of your choice, there […]

Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

Having a professional filter is a must if you want to develop your tank. The more quality filter used, the more enhanced the water will be allowing your fish to be healthy and active. Moreover, a good filter will allow you to be at ease concerning water changes or dealing with toxic levels of waste. […]