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Create a Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Creating a carpeted tank is one of the most common goals, and for good reason—it’s a beautiful style to achieve in an aquarium. The pearling effect and vivid green perfectly accents many styles of Aquascaping […]

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Tips to Creating a Carpet in Your Planted Tank

by Adam Edmond

Imagine lush, green grass flowing loosely with every movement of fish swimming passed; smaller fish playing tag in between the different species of seaweed. An instant display of living organisms, all getting along with each […]

Why You Should Use a Fish Tank Background

by Adam Edmond

A background in your fish tank can make a huge difference in the appearance of your tank and the way it is displayed across a room. It also creates a theme for your tank, which […]

Freshwater Fish Tank vs.Saltwater Fish Tank

by Adam Edmond

What is a Freshwater Fish Tank? A freshwater fish tank is a transparent glass or acrylic tank or box that can hold freshwater aquatic plants or ornaments for research, decoration, or pet-keeping purposes. What is […]

Tips To Clean Your Tank without Disturbing Your Fishes

by Adam Edmond

Regular aquarium cleaning and water replacement are crucial for fish welfare. Algae and waste accumulation in the tank increases ammonia and reduces oxygen levels,which lead to several diseases, as contaminated water contains waste, toxins, and […]

BeamsWork LED Aquarium Light

by Adam Edmond

Taking care of an aquarium requires time and money; each element needs to be vigilantly analyzed, each piece of equipment cleaned, and each fish needs to be healthy. There are a multitude of devices to […]