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Create a Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Creating a carpeted tank is one of the most common goals, and for good reason—it’s a beautiful style to achieve in an aquarium. The pearling effect and vivid green perfectly accents many styles of Aquascaping […]

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Aquarium Substrate: Quick Guide!

by Adam Edmond

The aquarium substrate is generally the first step when setting up your empty freshwater fish tank. You must have some kind of substrate if you want to keep water plants, give your aquarium a natural […]

Anubias Nana Guide

by Adam Edmond

The Anubias Nana is a lush flowering plant usually growing alongside riverbanks in western Africa. In the wild, it rarely grows entirely submerged; instead, it can be found rooting on logs or large roots, semi- […]

Ghost Shrimp Care

by Adam Edmond

The ghost shrimp, or glass shrimp as it is otherwise known, is a very inexpensive and easy to keep crustacean. It can be kept as a feeder for larger and more aggressive fish, such as […]

Best Filter for Betta Fish

by Adam Edmond

There have been many debates about the necessity of Betta fish having a filter in their tank or not. Many fish keepers agree if their other fish need a water filter the Betta obviously does, […]

Best Christmas Gifts for Aquascapers

by Adam Edmond

Christmas is right around the corner and you have to think about what you will buy for the ones you love. Since most of your friends share your passion, you want to buy them something […]