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Create a Carpet in Your Planted Tank

Creating a carpeted tank is one of the most common goals, and for good reason—it’s a beautiful style to achieve in an aquarium. The pearling effect and vivid green perfectly accents many styles of Aquascaping […]

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Goldfish Series – Types of Goldfish

by Adam Edmond

This next part of my Goldfish Series, I’ll be sharing on the different types of goldfish that are available today. Let’s start… Why so many goldfish variety? Breeding. As we all know, goldfish are very popular […]

Goldfish Series – Brief Care Guide

by Adam Edmond

After getting positive feedback for my Betta Fish Series, I’ve decided to do another series. And this time, it will be focusing on Goldfish. This first post will be an overview and summary of the […]

Otocinclus Catfish Care Guide

by Adam Edmond

Otocinclus Catfish are small freshwater fish belonging to the Loricaidee family. There are eighteen different Otocinclus species that have been recognized so far. Some of these species are: Otocinclus arnoldi Otocinclus batmani Otocinclus ocoma (Zebra Oto) […]

Cloudy Aquarium Water: How to Overcome it?

by Adam Edmond

Almost all aquarium owners have experienced enjoying their fish swimming about in crystal clear water one day and the next everything is cloudy – you are experiencing a cloudy aquarium water issue. What happened? You […]

Nitrogen Cycle in Aquarium

by Adam Edmond

The single most important factor when keeping fish in any environment is health. We love our pets and want to interact with and enjoy them for as long as possible. The worse thing that can […]